Showcasing the amazing drawings by  MICHAEL KAY
Norfolk Artist
15 Nov - 22 Dec 

Norski Noo's Gallery - Dereham
'Handmade in Norfolk'

The detail in Michael Kay's drawings is breathtaking. Michael draws using fine pen and ink, occasionally adding colour using pencils and crayon. Admirers of his work remain astounded by the accuracy and how much detail he is able to incorporate using such everyday media.

Michael has been drawing ever since he can remember. Born in Cambridge in 1956, he moved to Norfolk at the tender age of 10 where the counties vast collection of medieval churches combined with his natural love of history and architecture motivated him to capture some of his surroundings on paper.  Intrigued by fine detail and reproducing every nuance, every light and shade, Michael concentrated on perfecting his ability drawing buildings first and then adding animals and nature to his repertoire. Michael attended Great Yarmouth College of Art and Design honing his skills even further.

This Exhibition focuses on Michael's first love, architecture, wild life and aviation. You will see a richness and depth rarely seen in original art works today. Below are some examples of his work currently being exhibited at Norski Noo's Gallery

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