Above are examples of work exhibited at Norski Noo's Gallery, they are original oil paintings on canvas displaying extraordinary detail by Wrenford J Thatcher. 

Examples of Wrenford's Work...

Norski Noo's Gallery - Dereham
'Handmade in Norfolk'

Introducing Wrenford J Thatcher 

Wrenford John Thatcher was born in Hertford England in 1944.  Both his grandparents were engine drivers, working on the former GER then LNER and finally BR.  As a consequence, a very happy childhood was spent on the footplate especially with grandfather Ernest Henry Thatcher who was based in Bishops Stortford.  From the war years onwards Wrenford lived in Hatfield and spent most of his spare time at the lineside sketching trains, until he was able to buy a box brownie camera which was used to amass a considerable number of photographs.

Educated at St Albans Grammar School he won a number of awards for art, and his art teacher was furious when he elected to study mathematics and physics at University.  Graduating with a BSc from London in 1963, and later with an MSc and PhD from Aston in Birmingham resulted in employment as an Isaac Wolfson fellow at Liverpool University followed by a lectureship at St Andrews University in Scotland.  Wrenford left university for industry in 1975 and was subsequently employed in the USA and UK inventing instruments and materials related to the micro-electronics industries.  Now retired, he is still an industrial consultant but has found time to publish two books, ‘Lines into London’ and ‘The Railway Paintings of Wrenford J Thatcher Caught on Canvas’ and spends more time with his true passion painting steam railway scenes as he remembers them.